MYP-International Baccalaureate Program

design cycleThe International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Robinswood Middle School is a rigorous course of study involving all subject areas. Beginning with the MYP-IB Program in 6th grade, the program is an internationally recognized standard of achievement that continues through high school and culminates with the student earning an IB Diploma.

Students earning the IB Diploma will automatically receive the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, regardless of test scores or GPA. Upon completion of the IB Program, high school students could have potentially earned up to 30 hours of college credit while still in high school. In fact, IB students are actively recruited by prestigious colleges and universities across the United States.

The International Baccalaureate Program is recognized by many institutions as being the most effective college preparation program available in either private or public schools. Students who are part of the IB Program are not only encouraged to achieve academically but also to become well-rounded citizens through involvement in community service and international awareness activities.

For more information, contact Mrs. Vernalee Bickerstaff at 407-296-5140 x 5242662 
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