The Guidance department is the headquarters for student services. Our guidance department is developmental in nature and includes many programs to meet the needs of your child. We promote a planned program for delivering guidance services, with a major emphasis on classroom and small group guidance. Students in each grade level is assigned to one specific counselor whose responsibilities include student scheduling, conferencing with teachers, parents, and individual students. Guidance counselors can assist students in picking classes, signing up for tests, researching scholarships, and preparing for graduation and beyond. Students may request a conference with a guidance counselor at any time by filling out a request form located in each grade level office and classroom. The counselor will call the student in as soon as possible. In addition to the grade level counselors, the S.A.F.E. Coordinator and School Resource Officer (SRO) are available to address additional student concerns, needs, or wish to talk to someone. Our school is fortunate to also have on-site professionals and therapists who counsel our students facing challenges.

*COUNSELORS* Our Comprehensive Guidance Program begins with our grade-level counselors who provide academic, social, personal, and career counseling. Counselors attend parent conferences, review test results, prepare schedules, determine placement for classes and facilitate transition from grade to grade and school to school. Academic progress is monitored by counselors. In addition to academic services, social personal counseling is available to students during the school day. Guidance counselors provide short term or crisis counseling.

Tangela Jones
All 6th Graders
407-296-5140 ext. 5242269

Angela Smith
All 7th Graders
407-296-5140 ext. 5242273

Josepha Neal
All 8th Graders
407-296-5140 ext. 5243317

*SAFE COORDINATOR* Robinswood students may also participate in the SAFE program. Counseling services are provided which include peer mediation, anger management and individual counseling.

Nathalia Viau

SAFE Coordinator

407-296-5140 ext. 5242303

*SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER* Orange County Sheriffs' Office provides a deputy sheriff to Robinswood to help keep our campus safe. The School Resource Officer (SRO) provides instruction to students on crime prevention, safe habits, drug and alcohol resistance, as well as assists students with individual needs.

*SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER* Robinswood has a social worker who works with families in need of services. She facilitates referrals for students with attendance issues and makes home visits to work with families to ensure school success.